Canadian Equity Ex-Fossil

The Triasima Canadian Equity Ex-Fossil Strategy is an investment strategy structured for investors concerned by their portfolio’s carbon footprint.

Benchmarked against a customized index developed by MSCI (about 240 names), the strategy invests in Canadian publicly traded companies of all sizes while avoiding companies from the Energy sector, holding fossil fuel reserves, using coal to produce electricity or producing uranium

As a result of these restrictions, the strategy is expected to maintain a carbon footprint that is significantly lower than that of the S&P/TSX Composite Index while still being correlated to this Index.

Typical asset allocation

Typical sector allocation

Consumer staples
Consumer discretionary
Communication services
Real estate
Health care
Key elements
Number of holdings
25 to 70
Type of holdings
Benchmark is capped at 7% per security • Individual securities can represent the highest of 6% of the portfolio or an overweight of 3% vs the benchmark • No security can represent more than 10% of the portfolio • Companies from the Energy sector, holding fossil fuel reserves, using coal to produce electricity, or producing uranium are not permitted
MSCI Canada IMI ex Energy Custom ESG Capped Index
Sector limits
• 0% allocation to the Energy sector • Sliding scale according their weight in the Index for other sectors (up to ±15% versus the Index)
Return objective
2% over the Index, with a lower volatility

Why choose the Triasima Canadian Equity Ex-Fossil Strategy

A unique and proven approach: the Three-Pillar ApproachTM

Since 1998, Triasima has been known for its unique Three-Pillar ApproachTM, which combines fundamental, quantitative, and trend analysis in a rigorous, yet innovative, investment process that remains consistent under all market conditions.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) integration

ESG factors are variables considered in the Fundamental Pillar, to better understand the companies in which it invests and to mitigate risk. As such, ESG factors are an integral part of our investment approach.

A renowned and independent asset manager

Triasima is wholly owned by its founders, employees and directors, and is completely independent from any other company or organization.

A superior combination of Growth and Value parameters

The “growth” style of management allows us to identify securities with superior income growth and the “value” style, securities that are trading at advantageous prices. 

Your portfolio managers

André R. Chabot, B.Eng., MBA, CFA
Founding Partner, CEO and CIO
Scott Collins, CFA
Founding Partner and Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Redouane Khireddine, CFA
Founding Partner and Portfolio Manager

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